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Week 6: Being Human

Photo of me standing in front of a sign saying 'Being Human'

I had a few hours spare in central London last weekend, so popped into the Wellcome Collection to see what they had on.

One of their exhibitions is called Being Human, which contains a variety of interesting medical exhibits and artworks.

The most work-relevant one was this smartphone-connected device which can sequence DNA.

Photo a small medical device attached to a smartphone with small blue squares on its screen
MinION Gene Sequencer from Oxford Nanopore Technologies

The caption states:

This is the first ultraportable genetic sequencer to be used in
NHS hospitals. Identifying viruses and bacteria from their genetic material means patients receive the right treatment quicker. This can help hospitals to find the source of infections such as MRSA.

There was also a great exhibition called Jason and the Adventure of 254 from artist Jason Wilsher-Mills about their time in a hospital in 1980. Amazing work and visually stunning. Worth seeing!

Design systems

An interesting conversation kicked off this week about design systems. Should we continue with a fork of the GOV.UK design system, or switch to using it directly with some customisations?

This might sound like a nerdy technical detail – and in some ways it is – but it’s an important decision to get right.

Dynamic alignment or a single design system with opt-outs? Tough call.

I’m away all next week on holiday, so no weeknotes from me.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!