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Week 8: Recovery

I’m still recovering from last week’s Covid. It’s annoying to be mostly but not quite fully better. My lungs feel like they’re not yet back at maximum capacity.

I’ve been enjoying getting into the detail of some design work, using the NHS Prototype Kit test out different options for some user flows in our service.

NHS Design System

Version 8.2.0 of the NHS frontend library has been released. It includes one tiny contribution from me, which adjusts the spacing of nested lists. This was reported as an issue a while ago, and affected one of our pages, so it was nice to get it fixed.

I’ve also been doing some initial research into options for a logged in header, in collaboration with other colleagues. This has also been a longstanding question for the GOV.UK header and it’s been interesting to compare approaches.

Green Book

I’ve been slowly familiarising myself with the Immunisation against infectious disease pages on GOV.UK, more commonly referred to as ‘the Green Book’ (presumably once physically printed as one?).

This is a crucial resource for medical staff. So crucial that there is a newsletter to help keep people up-to-date. I’ve subscribed.

Never mind the AI stuff, this week Apple announced that it has improved the accessibility of date and time input fields. There’s also a new feature letting you add names and descriptions for braille.

I’ve booked a ticket for Papercamp 3, an event in September to explore ‘the weird and wonderful world of physical & digital paper’. It sounds fun. Tickets are still available if you fancy joining me.